Friday, July 31, 2015

Anything Blue Friday - Week 93

Hello World!  I hope all had a good week!  I'm playing catch up since we got back from our beach trip.  It was worth it though. 

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Anything Blue Friday
My Favorite
I have a confession to make; I love nail art.  I'm a pretty traditional girl at heart, but I do love to spice things up a bit with fun nail colors.  I haven't tried the bling yet on my nails, but you never know.  The super fun nail art above is from 
Pretty Nails and Tea.  So pretty!    

Staying Safe While Working on Your Home

Hello World!  Good morning to you!  Just to update you, I am still working on the Victorian House post that I promised you.  I will definitely send out an email when it goes live.  

But, this morning, the focus is on safety.  Safety while working on our homes.  In our new to us Colonial, we haven't had to remodel or demolish of yet.  However, I do see the potential for being extra safe when painting the stairwell, since the ceiling of the stairwell is the second story ceiling.  It will not be fun painting on the stairs with such a high ceiling.  In fact, there has been a discussion about purchasing one of those ladders that are meant to be used on stairs.  

Even though, we haven't had to remodel anything yet, we have had our fair share of projects around here.  Projects that require some safety gear.  One of the projects we have worked on is trimming the trees around the pool.  When we moved in, the foliage was quite dense with branches hanging very low to the ground.  Let's just say, I quickly realized I needed something on my head to protect myself from getting hit with tree branches.  Fortunately, my husband has a lot of safety gear on hand.  Off to the garage I went to get a hard hat. 

Okay, not on a safety note, but look how cute all of the colors are!  The above are safety helmets from  I can't decide between the yellow or the blue.  Okay, I digress. 

Another item we cannot do without around here are gloves.  Good old fashioned work gloves.  The kind that can handle trimming foliage, or ripping out fence posts.  

Again, super cute.  Love the blue and white.  Okay, I don't actually rip out fence posts around here, but I do dig in the garden a bit, and help Mr. Dedicated trim the boxwoods in the front, and trim the trees in the back. 

The last item I have on hand is a good pair of safety glasses.  When the weather gets cooler, oh say, in December, I have plans to create some shelves and put a back on an old entertainment center.  I want to turn it into a proper hutch and use it to store all of my music scores and books and Little Dedicated's piano books.  That will mean breaking out the table saw and our safety glasses. 

What are your go-to items of safety gear that you use on a regular basis?  Remember, it can be fun to work on our houses, but we must keep ourselves safe.  

Thank you for popping in for a visit!  Have a lovely day and remember to be kind to one another!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Before & After Wednesday - Week 57

Hello World!  Good Wednesday Evening to you!  We had such a nice time down in Galveston.  Be sure to stop back tomorrow for some pretty pictures of the old Victorian homes that are in Galveston.  But, for now, let's see your amazing projects. 

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