Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Before & After Wednesday - Week 60

Hello World!
Welcome to Week 60 of:

Before & After Wednesday
Star Feature
Fancy Melanie, it's fabulous!  Love the color and the detailing!  Pop on over to Lost & Found to see the before and more amazing afters.  Melanie, grab your feature button below. 

The Round-Up from Before & After Wednesday

Hello World!  Well the week is just cruising right along.  I've been decorating for Fall and thinking about where I'm going to place the Christmas trees since I've moved everything around.  Also, I went shopping yesterday and picked up a new lamp and some whatnots.  I definitely hope to break out the camera today and take some photos.

In the meantime, let's check out the features from the last Before & After Wednesday party. 

Welcome to:

Round-Up Gal #1
Fancy Brooke has a great tutorial for us:  Canning Lid Rings Pumpkins.  So cute!  Fly on over to Artistic Endeavors 101 to get this great tutorial. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Make it Pretty Monday - Week 148

Hello World!  How is everyone doing today?  I'm excited to see what you beautiful ones have been working on!  Here at The Dedicated House, we are back in school full time and I've picked up the paint brush again and am almost finished painting the downstairs minus the laundry room!  The next space to get paint will be Little Dedicated's room.  Oh, and I rearranged the furniture in the family room and hearth room.  I think I finally got it the way I want it!  LOL!  

Alright, let's see what you have been up to.  Welcome to Week 148 of:
Make it Pretty Monday
My Favorite
Pretty Lilac's gallery wall has so many fun pieces to it.  My favorite is the French Macarons print!  To see more of this cheery wall, waltz on over to The Lilac Press