Monday, October 5, 2015

Make it Pretty Monday - Week 152

Hello World!  How is everyone this week?  What's on the agenda for projects this week?  This girl decided to change up the paint colors a bit downstairs.  I know what you're thinking.  I was just about finished with painting the downstairs and then I go and change my mind.  Here's why.

This house is a Federal style house that is on the market here in Houston.  Click here for the complete listing.

Why the change?  Lately I have been crushing on gray; from light gray to dark gray.  It is such a great backdrop for gallery walls and goes with so many different colors.  I'm not going quite as dark as the above pictures.  One of the grays I've chosen has a lot of blue in it so that all of my blue and white will look beautiful next to it.  And, of course, black (which is my other new favorite color) goes amazing with gray.  

Mr. Dedicated just shook his head when he walked in and saw a new color of paint going up on the dining room walls.  I was concerned he might not like it, however upon further inspection, his approval of the new paint color got high praises.  He likes it much better than the Brandy Cream.  I know it's crazy.  The Brandy Cream color was nice and I liked it, but I LOVE the new gray color.  I'll throw up some pictures on Thursday so you can have a look. 

Okay, enough about me and my changing mind.  I'm excited about seeing the inspiration you bring
 to the party.  I know it will be good!

Welcome to Week 152 of:

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Sunday Showcase from Make it Pretty Monday

Hello World!  Well, I had a glorious week off getting stuff done around the house and just plain relaxing!  I'm so ready to get back to seeing all of the inspiration you bring to the parties!

Welcome to:
4th Place for Most Views
from Make it Pretty Monday
Pretty Shelley, your new white kitchen is amazing!  Such a stunning makeover.  
Stop by Calypso in the Country to view all of the lovely details.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Modern Homeowners Find that Now is the Time to Start a Tough Remodeling Job

Hello World!  Remodeling a home can be somewhat difficult. It requires one to make a financial commitment. It also requires the homeowner to put in research on which contractor to use and which materials to choose. In addition, it can be off-putting for a family that does not want to surrender some part of its home for the period of the remodel. Even though these things are true, it is also true that choosing to do a home remodel right away can be beneficial to families. There are many reasons why lots of modern homeowners are getting that remodel job underway as soon as possible. 

Some homeowners have chosen to get the remodel out of the way because they know that with every passing day, their home is getting a little bit further out of use. Home remodels are not always about looks. In many cases, they are about functionality. Take, for instance, the person who loves to cook. She might not have the right kind of stove or shelves in her home, limiting her ability to provide her family with great meals. The guy who loves to cook may face a similar issue if there is not a good hood over the cook top. These are major issues that can impact the quality of life that an average family enjoys. 

Other homeowners get the job started right away because they know that projects can take longer than they might anticipate. When one chooses to start home renovations now, he is choosing to start a process that could last many months. Most contractors do a good job of staying on schedule, but there are times when unanticipated circumstances make it difficult to carry on with the work. The earlier a homeowner gets going on the job, the better he can manage these situations. Giving the contractor plenty of time to sort through inevitable issues is a wise choice. 

Modern homeowners have figured out that it pays to get the home remodeled right away in order to enjoy the benefits of that home. They want to get the most value out of the home, as well, whether they're putting the house on the market or just enjoying the comfort that comes from having plenty of equity. These reasons and more are powering a movement toward more renovation in the modern home world.

Thank you for dropping by!  Have a lovely evening and remember to be kind to one another!

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