Monday, July 25, 2011

Inspirational Trip

Hello World!  It's Monday and maybe there are some who are wishing they could extend their weekend just a wee bit longer.  Well, I can't add another day to our weekend, but I can send you on an inspirational trip. 

Please have your seat in an upright position and your tray table up because you are about to take off.  There is a travel picture website I have adored for years.  You can see pictures like this:

Bussy Rabutin, France
Author: A. Janssoone

Chambord, France
Author: artwallpapers

Le Lude, France
Author: A. Janssoone

Paris, France
Author: A. Istomin

Montreux, Switzerland
Author: Arkadiy Istomin

Grindelwald, Switzerland
Author: Arkadiy Istomin

Weggis, Switzerland
Author: Arkadiy Istomin
Hollyrood Palace, Edinburgh, Scotland
Author: Setenay Süzer

Oban, Scotland
Author: Setenay Süzer

Vienna, Austria
Author: Setenay Suzer
Melk, Austria
Author: Setenay Suzer

Hallstatt, Austria

 I know, go ahead, collective sigh.  I choose a different picture each day and set it as my wallpaper.  So, if I ever get tired of my projects, not so clean house, and too many weeds in the garden, I can just go to my computer and get a little quick pick me up.  So, relax, take a trip today.  It's only a button click away.  Brodyaga European Travel  There's your Monday Inspirational Trip!  Have a good rest of your day and remember to be kind to one another!


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