Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Hello World!  We are really in the home stretch now for the holidays.  How fantastic!  I am so thankful for my little family.  My heart aches for those who have lost their babies and loved ones in the recent horror that took place.  In the years to come, may they find comfort and healing.  May God's love fall upon them!  

Remember back in the fall when I said I really wanted to study how to put arrangements and centerpieces together?  Well, I still haven't studied a thing.  But, I did get asked to review another site.  Guess what this one pertains to?  You got it centerpieces.  In particular, wedding centerpieces.  My hair stylist is getting married in March, so every time I'm in her chair to (yes, I'm going to say it) cover up the gray, we talk wedding.  This past week she told me that her friend who has a little side business was helping her with all of her table centerpieces for the reception.  For those who have been through the process, we know how expensive just the decor alone can be.  What fantastic timing for this site review and for my sweet stylist.  I was able to pass along some information to her regarding centerpieces that will hopefully save her some money and time and be beautiful as well.  Would you like to see what they have?

Not only does eFavorMart.com carry wedding centerpieces, they also carry items for baby showers, favor bags, and party decor.  They have so much, you could spend hours just going through their site.  So, for your next party, let them help you make it pretty and take a little of the pressure off.  

That's it for now.  Make it Pretty Monday is still live.  Click here to go straight to the party.  Pop back in later for a little visit.  I'll be sharing my little Christmas decor in the kitchen and breakfast room.  Wishing all a pretty day and remember to be kind to one another!  Fear not!


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