Thursday, December 27, 2012

Time to Get Organized

Hello World!  I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas holiday.  Ours was quite splendid.  Currently we are surrounded by new toys.  So, of course the organization bug has hit.  This coming year I really want to focus on getting my house and garage organized.  I'm ready for more efficiency.  For the garage I was asked to review this great site that has, you guessed it, garage organization systems.  Let's take a look shall we? offers cabinets, cabinet sets, garage flooring, wall organization, ceiling storage, and toolboxes.  Like most families, we have quite a bit of stuff in the garage.  Lawn equipment, outside toys, lawn furniture (that I get to work on making it pretty in the Spring), and tools.  We have plenty of space in the garage, but I think we could have much more if some of the items were either in a cabinet, hanging on the wall, or even suspended from the ceiling.  After perusing all of the garage organization systems, it looks like quite a bit of their products would work quite nicely in our garage.  Looks like my wish list is expanding.  

If garage organization is your game, you might want to check out to see if they could possibly have something to get your garage in tip top shape.  

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  1. If only I had a garage! That's on my lifetime wish list.